Friday 31 March is an INSET day. The academy will be closed to all students.


Peripatetic Music Lessons

Students can access a range of instrumental lessons in almost any instrument they can think of including (but not limited to!) voice, drums, guitar, keyboard, string instruments, wind instruments and almost anything else!


Trips are running to various music performances and venues.

Listening and Exploration

An after-school club where students can bring interesting music to share with other academy community members who would like to explore music outside of what most people hear.

Recording and Music Production

The recording studio and music production suite are available to students who would like to record their music whatever style that might be, from Ambient to Zamrock they can do it all.

Bands and Musical Performances

Anyone who would like a space to practice their music can book a practice room for them and their group.


Large-scale musical productions will be put on during the academic year to enable everyone to showcase their talents.

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